Laurel Anne Stark


Online marketing doesn't have to be the hardest part of being in business.

It may be time to think about working with me if:

  1. You're uncomfortable:  You're less than confident you're doing the right things online to meet your business objectives
  2. You're not getting results: You're not generating reliable leads, sales, visibility and profitability from your current efforts
  3. You want this done right:  And you currently don't have access to resources with a proven track record of generating results
  4. You're pragmatic: You're not going to waste resources & risk your reputation on trial & error
  5. You're busy: You don't really have the time (or interest) to learn an entire industry from scratch

Working with Laurel was a tremendously beneficial experience that delivered actionable results from the first session. Solid 10/10
— Software Startup Executive, BC.

One small change to your approach can have a dramatic impact on results. 

In this 90 second animation two approaches to online marketing are described.
The one that works, 
and the one that, well, isn't quite so reliable.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.10.28 PM.png
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