Laurel Anne Stark

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Laurel Anne Stark is an online strategist that nets results.  

Since 2003, Laurel has helped thousands of people net better results from their online marketing.

CEO of the digital agency The New Media Group, and an accomplished speaker, author and consultant, Laurel has been featured on CNN, CTV, ShawTV, Amazon and

Her top rated book Social In 17 - How to Successfully Market Yourself on Social Media in Just 17 Minutes a Day provides a glimpse of her engaging, enthusiastic and concise communication style.

A completely self taught former sales professional,  Laurel is uniquely positioned to understand just how overwhelming web marketing can be.

In her book, weekly YouTube videos and regular online and in person training courses, Laurel expertly slices through the enormous amount of ever changing information on web marketing to present proven, easy to implement tactics founded on solid marketing principles.

Widely regarded as a leader in her industry, Laurel is a former advisor at SAIT Polytechnic.

Laurel is regularly invited to conduct seminars at numerous private and public organizations including The Investors Group, The Vancouver Business Network, Women In Leadership Conference, Urban Mortgage, and Canada’s largest Social Media Conference; Social Media Camp.

Laurel lives in Victoria, BC with her husband Clayton, children and their big red dog Moe.