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3 Advanced LinkedIn Moves For Salespeople

Laurel Stark
Image courtesy of Strong Social

Image courtesy of Strong Social

LinkedIn is by far the world's best social networking tool for business-to-business salespeople.

The users have an average household income of over $100,000 and the specific intention of connecting for business purposes. 

If you're already on LinkedIn and comfortable with the basics of sharing and posting, why not try these 3 advanced moves to boost your profile views and exposure to your target market?

Solicit Recommendations on LinkedIn:

The presence of many written recommendations on your profile help build trust with prospects. After all, if you've done business with others and it's worked out well, the perceived risk is lower than if you didn't have existing recommendations.

How to solicit recommendations in LinkedIn.

There's two ways to do this. The first (and frankly, more complicated) is to request recommendations inside LinkedIn. 

To do this, you would go to the top right and click on your profile photo.

From the menu that appears, click on Privacy & Settings.

Then at the bottom of that page, click on "Go To Previous Version of Settings" (I haven't been able to find where recommendations are in the new settings)

You'll see on the bottom right "Manage Recommendations" - click on this, and from there you can request recommendations from up to 3 people at a time.

A copy & Paste template to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn via email.

Send your contact an email with the following text copied and pasted. 

(Don't forget to replace my LinkedIn profile link with your own.)

You can endorse me on LinkedIn here:  by following the steps below:

  • Go to the profile of the 1st-degree connection you'd like to recommend.
  • Move your cursor over the Down arrow next to the button in the top section of the profile. The button name may vary.
  • Select Recommend.
  • Follow the steps to write the recommendation.
  • Click Send.

If you could comment on the following, I sure would appreciate it: 

  • The Problem You Had
  • How I Helped
  • The Outcome
  • What You Would Tell Others Considering Hiring Me/ Would You Recommend Me.

Networking & Advertising In Groups.

One of my favourite LinkedIn tools is the search bar. 

You can search for your target market in groups and then share, comment and like the posts within the various groups that have a membership consisting of your target market.


Online, half the battle is locating your target market, with LinkedIn groups it makes it easy.

You can also create an ad to display to particular groups. Targeting this effectively is a marketer's dream, let me tell you!

Publishing On LinkedIn

Although LinkedIn Pulse views have dropped dramatically over the last year, I believe it's still worth your while to post articles to LinkedIn.

Why Publish Articles on LinkedIn?

Published posts give you the opportunity to be optimized for search (both within LinkedIn and on Google), give you the chance to link back to your website and provide an increase in credibility by positioning you as an expert in your field.

In short, publishing posts on LinkedIn may give you more exposure, credibility and traffic to your website.

You can publish a post by going clicking on the Home button on the top left, then on the orange Write an Article button. 

Be sure to include:

  • An eye catching image
  • A title that piques curiosity
  • Links back to your website

Why Publish Presentations on LinkedIn

You probably have a bunch of powerpoint presentations you've created over the years. 

Don't let them languish, gathering dust on your hard drive!

By publishing your presentations, you add even more credibility and exposure on yet another website - slideshare! 

How to publish presentations on LinkedIn:

Go to , and sign up using your LinkedIn account. 

From there, publish your powerpoint (or keynote, or Google sheets presentation) on Slideshare.

As you can see, two of these slides have had over 500 views. Not bad for a powerpoint presentation!

Once you've uploaded your document, click the share button and copy the link. 

Then head over to LinkedIn and click on Add Publications. 

Fill out the remaining details, paste in the link and click Publish.

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