Laurel Anne Stark

I Keep Thinking Of You

Laurel Stark

My business turns 10 at the end of the month. (Wowza!) and I've been reflecting on all the things I've learned and what I want to make happen in this next decade. But I've gotta be honest...

I can't stop thinking about you...

See, I could NOT have made it to this milestone without your support. 

I am working on a ton of exciting new projects to help you grow your business in 2017 and I can’t wait to share them with you . . . so I’m going to spill the beans on one of them right now!

Very soon, I’m going to be rolling out a brand new book. 

I’ve taken all my past workshops and recharged them with updated guidance, new strategies and all the latest tips and tools that I’ve come to rely on for my own business.

But before I can release this new book, I need your help!

I want to get crystal clear about where you need help in your business.

  • The struggles, setbacks, and frustrations you've experienced  

  • The areas where you could use extra support

  • The questions you find yourself asking, that you wish you could get answers to

I’m designing this book just for you…that’s why I’ve got to know these things

If I know exactly what kind of struggles you’ve had with growing your business, I can tailor this book specifically to what you need right now.

Would you be so kind as to take 5 minutes to fill out this super-short survey?

If you do, I’ve got something for you in return! If you fill out the survey, I’ll enter you into the draw to win a new ipad mini - the winner will be selected November 30th. (And, you'll be first in line to get a complimentary copy of the book.)

Click here to take the survey and get entered to win a free ipad mini and a free copy of my new book.


ALL my best,

- Laurel