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The Fastest Way To Get More Traffic To Your Website

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Your website is your 24/7 online salesperson.

But, in order to get sales from your website, you first need enough visitors.

When website traffic is like a slow country lane and you need an 8 lane freeway...

Consider this one tactic to ramp up your website visitors, fast:

If you consider your own buying behaviour, it’s likely you spend at least a little time researching your purchases on Google.

There are thousands of people, just like you, searching for information on what you sell on Google.

These people are very close to making a purchasing decision.

So, it’s incredibly effective to show up when your future customers are searching Google for what you sell.

With that in mind, that's why I always recommend Google Ads to drive more qualified traffic to your website, quickly.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are simply those ads that show up when you're searching for something on Google.

They appear on the very top of the search results.

You can get your business there as well using Google Adwords.


How Google Adwords Works:

You bid for a particular term, so say for example “Pizza company Vancouver” and then create an ad or a series of ads to display when someone is searching for that term on Google.

Bidding on that particular key phrase you compete against everybody else who bids on that key phrase as well.

In terms of pricing, it acts like an auction...

The more competition you have, the more expensive your ads will be.


How much does Google Adwords Cost?


The great news is that you don't actually pay unless someone clicks on your ad, thereby directing traffic to your website.

You only pay for clicks to your website.

And you can get decent results with a budget as little as $300 a month.


How to succeed on Google Adwords.

1. Make sure that you are bidding on the right keywords.

Do a little bit of research, and make sure that your ads are going to show up in front of the right people - the people searching for what you sell.

Key words that have two or three words are a little bit better than just one word searches.

Typically these types of searches are more specific and therefore your ads will be targeted better. 

Consider someone typing in "tvs" versus "72 inch samsung smart tv reviews" - who is a better audience for you to get exposure to?

2. Monitor your performance.

Because Google Adwords acts like a live auction, conditions can change quickly. 

Login regularly to your Adwords panel and adjust your budget, keywords and ad text. 

Check your traffic reports in both Adwords as well as  Google Analytics.

Of course, monitoring the change in sales inquiries and sales revenues is also recommended.

3. Consider getting help.

If you don't have the time or interest in learning how to be effective using Google Adwords, consider delegating this responsibility.

There are many Google Adwords certified professionals out there (myself included) that can help you set up and manage a successful Google Adwords Campaign,

Happy Selling!