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Own your own business and like the sound of taking Friday's off? Here's how to make that happen.

Laurel Stark


Does taking Fridays off sound awesome to you? I thought so.

Especially with Labour Day behind us, and summer fading. It can feel a lot like it's time to get back down to business. 

But did you know you can actually get more done by working less?


Sweden even made it official and converted to a 6 hour work day.

So, if you're working nine to five, Monday to Friday, and you own your own business, then you have basically created yourself a job.

Hey, you started your own business so you could have more freedom and control over your business!

The very first thing you need to do is get really, really clear on what you're trying to accomplish:

What's going to move your business forward this quarter? (By quarter I mean three months.)  

Write down your quarterly goals, just three of them, things that you are going to accomplish in this three month time.

Then from there, every single week on Sunday, I like to do it Sundays or Monday morning, write down three things you will do this week that are going to help you advance your quarterly goal.

Then break those down into little mini-tasks that you can then put into your weekly calendar.

(Shout out to Andrew Barber-Starkey at ProCoach who taught me about this system)

Focus on just the 3 most important things:

Then from there, every day the first thing you do every single day is the hard three things that will help you achieve your weekly goals.

Do the hardest three things, and everything else will feel like a breeze. If you just do those things, you'll be able to take Fridays off starting right away.

It's like that analogy with the glass bottle where you can't put in the sand and then the water and then try to fit in the big rocks. 

If you put in the big rocks, your big priorities first, then put in the little rocks, then put in the sand, then fit in the water, it all fits, but not if you don't do it in the right order.

Bulk create tasks:

Okay, a couple more things that you can do here is to bulk create tasks.

If you have things that you can combine together that you can do a bunch of at one time, then certainly start doing that.

Even when it comes to errands, I don't do errands unless I can a bunch of them done in one trip, instead of making multiple trips back and forth.

Same thing with the weekly videos I make.

Many of you know that I actually film anywhere from four to eight all in one day.

That way I don't have to get all the gear set up and do all the things that will be a drain on my time, when I could just do a bulk chunk of work at one time.

Systemize Repetitive Tasks:

Another thing is if you do have repetitive tasks in your business, and I know you do, systemize them and document each and every step required to do them. 

It will take you an extra few minutes the first time, but with each subsequent time you do it, you'll be able to do it faster and easier because you're referring to your checklist instead of using your brain, or reinventing how to do it every time.

BONUS: If you have a checklist of exactly how to do that thing right, then that also gives you the ability to delegate it to a virtual assistant.


You can get virtual assistants now worldwide.

They're very, very affordable, and that way you can delegate some of those tasks that you don't need to be doing, because you're golfing. It's Friday!

( Check out or for a ton of affordable virtual assistants. )


Destroy Distractions:

Lastly, because I'm always on social media, to get anything done I turn my phone off for a lot of the day. I close all the other tabs on my computer, and I just focus on what I'm doing.

Otherwise email and social media can eat your entire day away.

And as fun as refreshing your Facebook feed is, it's not as good as taking Friday off work. Focus. Do those three hard tasks right away.

Delegate the stuff that you shouldn't be doing, and you will find you have a lot more time in your business. 

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