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Case Study: Online Marketing Strategy & Website Development

Laurel Stark


About the Company:

Florie Varga is the founder of Affinity Life and Family Coaching. She is a certified life & family coach that helps good people turn lemons into lemonade.

Specializing in parent coaching, Florie supports parents survive and thrive during the transition into the teen years.

The problem:

Florie needed to get her website up and running and start marketing herself online.

She’d been working with a branding agency and had gone through numerous iterations of her website text and the website map - but she just wasn’t happy with the end result.

One of the main problems was that she didn’t have a clear direction for her business. After three or four rounds of writing and rewriting her website text, she was feeling unclear and no closer to her goal.


What we did together: create an online marketing strategy

Before we could get clear on what Florie’s website would look like, we had to develop a strategic direction that addressed:

  • What Florie was really good at, really enjoyed and what was the most profitable aspect of her business - what services to offer and prioritize.

  • Where she wanted her business to go and how she wanted to grow - her objectives and business direction.

  • What the marketplace and demand looked like  - who her competitors and customers were, and where there was a gap between customer demand and services offered.

  • Who her ideal customers were, what they were worried about, what they wanted and hoped for, and the types of things they said to her when they were describing their situation.

  • Where were her customers online - and how to get in front of them.

  • How to position Affinity Coaching as a business that stood out from the competition and become the logical choice for her ideal client.

What we did together: create a website that attracts clients

One of things that kept popping up is that Florie knew so much about her industry, her process and her tools, she wanted to share so much of it in her website text.

We had to keep coming back to the question: “Why would your customer care about that?”

Instead of emphasizing things from Florie’s perspective, meeting the client where they are - using their language, pain points and hopes and dreams.

From there, we created a website and online brand together that Florie can be proud of.


We worked together to identify:

  • What the website map looked like, what pages we would need and which ones could wait.

  • How to lay out a lot of text in a way that was easy to digest.

  • How to build consumer trust in Affinity, despite the fact it’s a relatively new business.

  • How to use images & graphics to engage the audience

  • How to capture prospective client contact information and schedule new clients easily


The results:

Affinity Coaching has an website that is:

  • Professional and consistent with the initial branding

  • Speaks to the ideal client’s pain points and needs

  • Clearly communicates the benefits and transformation that occurs working with Florie

  • Captures interested party’s contact information.

  • Stands out from the thousands of coaching sites out there

In addition, Florie has the clarity, confidence and a structured online marketing plan to continue to market herself online in a way that works to attract clients.


What the client said:

“With Laurel’s commitment and amazing knowledge and skills, I transformed not only my website but the whole marketing approach to my business. Laurel brought a well-defined step by step strategy for shifting my business focus to the client’s need over a focus on the services offered. As an end product, I have a unique, dynamic and very client centered website.

More than this amazing deliverable, however, Laurel’s professional know-how and steadfast focus encouraged a transformation and evolution in my thinking about the purpose, reason and value of my professional services to my clients. This was a wonderful and unexpected pay-off for me as I establish this new business. One that I envision would have taken a long time to realize without Laurel’s guidance.

I cannot recommend Laurel enough! She knows her business, is always professional, and has amazing positive energy. With my website and new focus I am so excited to move forward with the outreach and growing of my business.”

In gratitude Laurel!"

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The Weird “Hat” Hack That Will Explode Your Blog Post’s Effectiveness.

Laurel StarkComment

Watch / Listen to this post instead:

All those hats can get heavy!

Small business owners, on any given day, may find themselves fulfilling duties ranging from CEO to janitor. We wear a lot of “hats”.

And while you’re working your hats off, you may have noticed there aren’t that many folks around you doing the same. While it may be tempting to demand 5 times more effectiveness from the intern, drivers on your commute and your local barista, it’s not realistic.

The good news is, I’m sharing with you what I call The Hat Hack, which will make your blog post (almost) as an effective multitasker as you are.

You’re probably letting your blog posts off the hook way too easily.

Whether it’s a newsletter, blog post or social media post,  you know you need to do this kind of online marketing work in order to stay competitive and effectively market yourself online.

And once you've completed your blog post, typically speaking we just hit publish, feel the relief for a minute and go back to our busy lives.

I’m here to tell you, if you're doing that you’re making a mistake and missing out on an opportunity!

I believe your blog post should work (at least) 5 times harder than that...

Each piece of content you create should be repurposed so you have five different online marketing assets with, count em, a total of 15 significant benefits and results.

1.Blog Post On Your Website:

Once you’ve completed your blog post, you’ve got the first piece of content done - woohoo! If well written, your blog post should help establish you as a thought leader, help prospective clients know, like and trust you, help you get better ranking on search engines like Google, and keep your website updated. Four major benefits from one web asset!

2.Video :

As the MOST effective online marketing tool, think about summarizing your blog post in a short video. You can then post thevideo to YouTube, upload to Facebook and share on your website.

Videos are effective because they help audiences remember you and trust you, they’re also more likely to share the video, spend more time on your website and buy from you. 

(This ads another 5 benefits to your humble blog post, totalling 9 benefits, so far!)


Your blog post should be sent out via email to at least 5 people. You can send it out with a personal note, or a mass email (assuming you have permission to email your list)

Canadians prefer to receive marketing materials via email newsletter and it’s a great way to stay top-of-mind with associates and clients. That’s two more benefits - totalling 11.

4.Social media:

A good blog post should grab attention with a creative headline and keep attention by providing information people can use, or value in some way.

If your blog post fulfils these these criteria than it should get plenty of shares and comments on social media.

A well written and creative blog post can get more free exposure on social media than a paid ad.

Additionally, every share, comment and like acts as a form of social proof, or implicit endorsement.

If my numbers are right that’s 13 benefits - from just one idea.


In the age of instagram, a visual representation of your blog post is all but a requirement.

Create or source and image you can use as the header for your post, and then it gives you another online asset to share on image-only social sites.

A picture is, after all, worth a thousand words and can help folks remember your content.

Additionally, there are many documented cases of consumers purchasing items after they’ve favorited it on Pinterest - another image heavy social media site.

I’ve shown you exactly how one blog post can become 5 online assets giving you 15 solid benefits.

Now, that’s working your hat off ;-)

Click the share button now to spread the love and don’t forget to grab more free resources on my website at

What do you think of the “hat hack”? Do you think you’ll use it? Share in the comments below.

Online Marketing Strategy Development for Custom Suit Designer / Retail Location:

Laurel Stark


Online Marketing Strategy Development for Custom Suit Designer / Retail Location:

Mid-June 2017, my contact in the marketing department was due to present a cohesive, easy to understand and implement online marketing strategy to the entire team.

Together over the course of two months, we worked to help my contact in the marketing team craft an online marketing strategy that the company could easily implement internally.

This is where they started, what we did, and the results of our work together:

About the Company:

Suits By Curtis Eliot is an up and coming, force to be reckoned with in the men’s fashion world.

Heralding from Edmonton, Alberta, with a second retail location in Calgary AB, Suits By Curtis Eliot has garnered international attention, highlighted by their invitation to New York Fashion Week.

Suits By Curtis Eliot is a custom suit designer, tailored for the modern gentlemen.

Their clients include such pro sports celebrities as the Gretsky family.  From professional NHL and NFL players, to leaders in their community, to financial, sales and legal professionals, SBCE provides perfectly tailored, completely custom suits at extremely competitive pricing.

The problem:

SBCE experienced a huge degree of success early into their company history.

The quick growth had them focused on providing their clients the best possible experience, instead of their internal processes.

In terms of marketing, they had great success on social media in terms of likes and followers, but they weren’t totally confident their efforts on social media were effectively driving in store sales.

They knew they weren’t doing the best job with search engine optimization (getting on google) or following up with their clients via email.

They knew they was room to better leverage their multiple appearances in the news media and they weren’t totally sure how to accomplish all of these goals in a way that wouldn’t take up all their time.

Why they chose me:

Founder, Sean Farmer, had his assistant reach out to me as she’d seen me present on the topic “Socializing Your Sales Funnel: Converting Fans and Followers To Paying Customers” and was impressed with the practical nature of the information I presented.

I also worked with them to create payment terms that worked for their organization, facilitating their ability to get a grant to pay my fees.

What we did together: Develop an online marketing strategy that could be used in the day-to-day operations.

We scheduled 8 phone calls over the course of two months.

In those calls we worked through my proven system for developing an online marketing strategy.

Together we got clear on the business objectives, what was and was not working, how best to and achieve the goals.

Then, we actually built an online sales funnel together: emails, sales pages, newsletter sign-up offers - you name it!.

During these sessions, the marketing team was trained on sleeves-up-get-it-done tactics for

: optimizing the website for search engines

: blogging effectively

: sending compelling email newsletters

: creating graphics for each blog post

And much more.

The final result:


  • Marketing staff that were confident, clear and trained on exactly what to do, when, in order to drive sales from the internet and measure each and every activity for effectiveness.
  • Staff that had dramatically increased their knowledge, skills and confidence in implementing day-to-day online marketing tactics.
  • A 20+ page online marketing strategy was created that could be used as the basis for the presentation and aid in staff training efforts going forward.
  • A checklist that included specific-to-the business tasks to be performed each day, week and month in order to see reliable results.

The online marketing strategy document included:

  1. Clarity on the SBCE ideal clients - who the most profitable, enjoyable clients were and how to attract more of them using online tools.
  2. What the current sales process looked like - what was working and what wasn’t- and what components should be duplicated and leveraged online.
  3. What the current online marketing efforts looked like - and how to design a system (from scratch) for the entire year that doesn’t take all day to execute.
  4. An easy to follow, clear checklist of the specific actions to take online to generate additional revenue.
  5. An automated online selling system: including the 2 most important website pages that sell for you 24/7.
  6. The social media and email list building strategy for the entire year.
  7. Integrated online assets: website, email, social, video, media, blogging, search engine optimization so every piece of the strategy works that much harder to make money.
  8. Exactly what steps to take each day, week and month to propel your business forward - and how to succeed on social media in just 17 minutes a day.

What the client said:

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.28.54 AM.png

Would SBCE recommend working with Laurel Anne Stark to create and develop an online marketing strategy and sales funnel?