Laurel Anne Stark

Marketing online can be the most challenging part of business.

If you're anything like my clients:

  1. You know there’s potential on the web, but you’re not exactly sure how to leverage it.

  2. You really don’t have the time to learn web marketing from scratch.

  3. You want better results than you’re getting now.


My mission is to empower entrepreneurs to “get” web marketing.

I achieve my mission by providing:

1.   Strategic consulting

2.   On demand training & support

3.   Done-for-you web marketing services

The result?

Expertise that fits your business. 

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Strategic consulting

The clients who benefit most from strategic consulting services are those who have already invested substantial time and money marketing themselves online, and they're not getting the results they want.

They prefer to do their online marketing "in-house", themselves or with their team.

I work with you to create a plan that actually works to achieve your business objectives.

Do you want:

  1. To understand exactly what actions will drive better sales from your website and online efforts.
  2. To have your business show up higher on search engines like Google.
  3. To have more confidence and better results from the time you're spending on social media.
  4. To have your website text accurately reflect your offerings and resonate with your ideal clients.
  5. To have a reliable stream of inquires and sales from your online efforts

How it works:

We work together, one on one, combining your knowledge of your business, your industry, your competition and your clients and my knowledge of the best performing marketing techniques. 

Together, we create a plan based on best practices. The end result is a set of quick and easy, yet highly effective tasks you or your team can perform daily, weekly and monthly, to start seeing better results from your web marketing right away.  

This is the most intensive, personalized way to work with me. All my focus, experience and knowledge is brought into service for you and your business. 

Strategic consulting packages start at $2997.

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On demand training & support :

The clients who benefit from this most are teams, groups and individuals that haven't yet allocated many resources to their online marketing.

They're just starting out and may feel a little overwhelmed by the world of web marketing. 

I help cut through the huge amount of information on web marketing to provide the easy to understand context that makes online marketing easy!

Do you want:

1. To get a high level understanding of how web marketing works; and how to be effective.
2. To start web marketing with confidence, knowing exactly what techniques to use that will actually drive results.
3. To get technical and best practice questions answered.
4. To walk away with concrete daily steps that will move your business forward.

How it works:

Simply choose from any one of my most popular workshop topics, book a time with me that works for you and I'll deliver an informative, enthusiastic and entertaining workshop or presentation for you and your team. Presentations can occur in person, over the phone or online.

Workshops & presentations start at $500.

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Done for you web marketing services :

The clients who benefit most from this are individuals that would prefer their online marketing is taken care of for them.

They get to focus on what they do best, while myself and my team at The New Media Group do what we do best: online marketing that nets results!

We help achieve real results for your business!

o you want:

1. To drive a reliable stream of inquiries and sales from online efforts.
2. To increase sales and profits.
3. To maintain or increase exposure and credibility with prospective and existing clients.
4. To have someone you can trust take care of the techie stuff.

How it works:

Myself and my team will perform your online marketing activities for you, providing monthly reports on our progress to your goals.

Services include:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  • Social Media Marketing: Done for you posting, community management and networking. 
  • Content creation: Done for you, professionally written blog posts, email newsletters, graphics and design, video interviews.
  • Website Design & Maintenance: Professionally created websites that work as hard as you do to grow your business. Web updates & Maintenance.
  • Domain Registration & Renewal: Get and keep the .com or .ca that works best for your business. No technical knowledge required!
  • Website & Email Hosting: Ensure your website is online and your emails at your .com stay up and running.
  • Video Marketing: Get interviewed on video! Video editing & production services.
  • Email Marketing: Increase your email list and convert your database to customers.
  • Sales Campaigns: Include the creation of landing pages that drive sales and google ads.
  • Branding & Design: Capture attention and compel your target audience with a look and feel that ensures your competition fades into the background.

Services start at $100/hr.
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Not sure?

Would you like to have a chat about the best way I can help you achieve your business objectives? Just click here to book a time with me. I'm happy to give you a half hour at no cost to see if working together would be a good fit.