Laurel Anne Stark

Marketing online can be the most challenging part of being in business

If You’re Anything Like My Clients...
  1. You know there’s potential for increased sales from the web, but you’re not exactly sure how to achieve it.

  2. You really don’t have the time to learn web marketing from scratch.

  3. You want better results than you’re getting now.

Small business owners work with me to create:

1.  An online "sales funnel" that generates sales and sales inquiries 24/7
2. An easy to use system owners and staff can use to manage the business online presence. The ability to manage and modify your online presence
3. An efficient plan that works with a business owner's already full schedule
4. Measurable results - and the training to pinpoint and measure what's working - and what can be improved.

A Process Grounded In Best Practices:

Successfully selling online is a lot like catching fish.
You need to lure clients to land them!

  • Know Your Target Audience
    What kind of fish.

  • Know Where They Are On Social
    Where your fish like to hang out.

  • Know What Problem They Have
    What your fish like to eat.

  • Know When They Will Buy
    When your fish are hungry.

An Effective Online Sales Funnel:


I worked with Laurel to get clarity about my business services and I walked away with a concrete plan for how to market my business effectively. Laurel is enthusiastic and also very insightful. She was able to draw information out of me and then reposition it in such a way that would benefit my marketing strategy.

I recommend Laurel to anyone looking to give their digital marketing strategy a rocket fueled boost!
— Carol-Lynne Michaels - Solo Proprietor - Speakmore Productions