Laurel Anne Stark

87% of businesses fail to execute their strategic plan.


You’ve committed significant resources to creating your plan, and you expect to see a return on your investment.

I don’t want to see you going back to what you were doing before your plan...because you and I both know it doesn’t get you the results you want.


On the other hand, by executing your plan you can expect substantial gains:

Small businesses with an executed online marketing plan can generate up to 22% more revenue than those who don’t, according to the Business Development Bank of Canada.

But here's the thing...

A million things can get in the way of you executing.

Staying motivated, committed and accountable to your success is hard work  - and it's even harder when you're practicing a new set of skills you JUST learned.


This is why I created The Success Club - to crush the inevitable obstacles that will get in your way, BEFORE they sabotage you! 

What is The Success Club?
  1. It’s convenient: a private online group that’s accessible 24/7 on your phone or computer.

  2. It’s a community: of motivated professionals like you that have attended the 8 Online Sales Funnel Creation workshops or consulting sessions.

  3. It’s ongoing learning: through a weekly-ish call or video that deep-dives into the material we’ve covered +  bonus material like the templates + tools that we didn’t cover in session. (Don’t worry, if you can’t make the calls, they’re all saved for you to access later!)

  4. It’s motivating: think regular contests, giveaways, progress updates, check-ins and personal nudges from yours truly to keep you motivated and on track.

  5. It’s organized: one place for all the resources we covered in session - the slide decks, videos and more.

  6. It’s VIPs only: members get a preferred rate for selected one-on-one sessions with me and discounts on any new programs I offer.

  7. It’s the inside scoop: members get first access to any new materials I create, including books, video tutorials etc.

  8. It’s an executive summary: A heads up about any online marketing changes that could impact you.

  9. It’s community, encouragement, feedback, accountability and ongoing support - all in one place!

  10. It’s just smart: - increase your odds of success - be one of the 13 in 100 that execute your strategy!


The Success Club will:
  • Dramatically increase your effectiveness and performance.

  • Motivate - and heck, even excite - you about doing the work.

  • Answer your questions, provide feedback on your campaigns and help you navigate the techie stuff.

  • Kick your butt to execute and measure your results and progress, regularly.

  • Provide you with regular deep dive reviews into the material we’ve covered and bonus material.

What’s the Investment?


My per-workshop/seminar rate is $500 an hour, and I’ll be dedicating at minimum 8 hours a month to producing content, answering questions during office hours and sharing feedback in the group.

That’s a $4,000 a month value.

Say your business generates $50,000 a year.  At 22% increased revenue, you stand to generate an additional $11,000 per year, by implementing your strategic plan.

Results like this would be worth at least a few hundred month a month, right?

Access to The Success Club is a one time fee of $497 and thereafter, just $37 a month per member.

Pretty irresistible right?

BONUS: Sign up before February 27th, and I'll give you back the $497 as a credit toward any one-on-one work in 2017.

Are you ready to rock your 2017?

Let's Do This Now - just contact me to get started!